Killing us softly


• Discuss your reactions to Tough Guise & Killing us Softly

· How did it feel to watch the two documentaries? Were your reactions to the two similar or

different? Why?

· Who do you feel is impacted by cultural representations of masculinity? Do you agree with the idea that it is “toxic”?

• In what ways have your own ideas of masculinity and femininity been shaped by media?

· Do you recognize ways that these ideals were reinforced as you were growing up?

· Inwhatwaysdotheseexpectationsimpactyourcurrentrelationships(romantic,familial,

friends, etc.)?

• How do you see these ideas being debated in our current political environment?

· How did your feel when the documentaries framed understandings of gender in a larger

political context?

· What controversial social and political topics do you feel are informed by cultural representations of masculinity and feminine


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