“Jesus Hopped the A train” Play Analysis

To serve as a brief guide, I’d like you to discuss the following topic in your paper:

Why did we read this?

While these analyses are intended for you to express your own thoughts and opinions, examples from the play should be used to reinforce those thoughts and opinions. This is considered a formal writing assignment and as such, grammar and spelling will be taken into account for grading.

Length: 2 pages

The question is basically asking if you learned anything from the play.

I attached the whole play audio, the order that it goes is First, second, next and last. My professor could only give us an audio file. The original file was too big so I had to split it. Please listen to them rather than just going on google, my last writer did this and I got 1/5 grade from my professor. You can use google for some context though. The rubric is attached as well.


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