Is there any type of coverage available for prescription drugs?

DescriptionCreate a minimum of two-three page  APA report by answering the question below. Aging, Health, and Long-Term Care.   You must include an in-text citation and a reference page. Sam is a 73-year-old man who currently has healthcare coverage through Medicare. Sam knows that Medicare programs are divided into four parts and that each covers different areas of health care. He is reviewing his plan to be sure he has adequate coverage. Based on the information you have read about aging, health, and long-term care, answer the following questions.1 If Sam is admitted to the hospital is there any type of coverage that will help pay the bill?2 Is there any type of coverage available for prescription drugs?3 Sam needs to wear glasses and realizes how expensive they can be. What coverage may include vision benefits?4 Sam is happy that he has all his natural teeth. No dentures, implants, or partial plates. He is concerned though that he needs to have expensive dental exams and cleanings on a regular basis. Is there any type of Medicare coverage that may help with dental bills?5 Sam is a widower. Although his children live close by he wants to be sure he can afford Home Health services if he needs them. What coverage would help pay for these services?6 Some of the healthcare services paid for through Medicare are only paid at the rate of 80%. What can Sam do to be prepared in case he is financially responsible for 20% of a healthcare bill?7 If Sam decides to have a knee replacement and spend part of his rehabilitation time in a skilled nursing facility to recuperate will there be any coverage for this through Medicare?8 Sam sees three different doctors on a regular basis. Is there Medicare coverage available to help pay for office visits?9 Sam is concerned about the possibility of having a terminal illness in the future. Is there any coverage available under any of the Medicare plans?10 What if Sam is unable to pay his Medicare premiums? Is there help available through any government healthcare plans to pay those premiums? Do you have any other advice you can offer to Sam regarding help with his healthcare needs? Please explain your answer.

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Is there any type of coverage available for prescription drugs?
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