Is it Important to know historical Jesus?

The topics below are about religion as it relates to different fields of study. You are to choose 1 topic, and discuss your own point of view on the topic, using scholarly sources to back up your point of view.

Paper should be 5-7 pages in 12-point font, Times New Roman or Arial, double-spaced, MLA 8 format (in-text citations and works cited). You should have 3-5 scholarly or good mainstream sources for your paper (or more, if you need more, but not less). No Internet websites, blogs, or similar sites may be used. Refer to the presentation above if you are not sure.

For many years, archaeologists and historians have been searching for the “Historical Jesus”. Do you think it’s important to know the historical truth about Jesus, or any similar persons/deities in other religions (e.g., Krishna, the prophet Mohammed, the Buddha), ? Why or why not?


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