IP Security Architecture

a) Let, there are four departments in DIU. You have got the network address Prepare an IP addressing plan for these four departments with the following questions with proper calculation.
1. Find out the first host address of 1st usable subnet.
2. Find out the last host address of 2nd usable subnet.
3. What is the network address of 3rd usable subnet?
4. What is the broadcast address of 4th usable subnet?
5. What is the total number of usable hosts in each subnet?
b) Consider yourself a very efficient worker. You are given a network address Your manager asked your help to generate subnets for 4 department with below requirement-
• Department A: 12hosts
• Department B: 18 hosts
• Department C: 50 hosts
• Department D: 104 hosts
6. What will be the network and broadcast addresses of 4 departments? Describe with proper calculation.
7. Suppose, a router has a packet containing data, source IP address and destination IP address and other necessary information. How the router can help the packet to reach its appropriate destination? Explain with figure.

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IP Security Architecture
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