IP Security Architecture

Write a program to evaluate the arithmetic statement: X = A*(B+ C) + D / E * F + G Using a stack organized computer with zero-address operation instruction.

Please include as many references as possible.

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IP Security Architecture
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As part of your research, you may use resources from the course materials as well as other scholarly articles from peer-reviewed sources, white papers, and publications from national and/or international bodies.

Include at least:

  • 10 academic journal articles, which may help you to understand background information and the scholarly views about cyber risk, and risk management frameworks and practices
  • 1?2 examples highlighting the context of cyber risks and risk assessment/management (sources may include academic journal articles, think tanks, government white papers, etc.)
  • 2 examples of risk analysis related to cases in industry practice or reported in academic journal articles.

List the entities of Mobile IP and describe data transfer from fixed node to mobile node and vice versa. Why and where encapsulation is needed.

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