IP Security Architecture

1.       In which method of High availability does one device act as primary firewall or active firewall while the second stay in standby mode?   A. Active/Standby failover   B. Active/Active failover                C. Both of the above   D. None of the above

2.       The concept of implementing multiple virtual firewalls is known as ____________.   A. Context B. High availability   C. Security level   D. None of the above

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IP Security Architecture
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3.       Security level 100- is the highest possible and most trusted level. By default, on which of the following interface it is used?   A. On inside interface   B. On outside interface   C. On DMZ interface   D. None of the above

1.       Which policy specifies the rules for the data traffic inbound or outbound passing through an interface?   A. Security Access policy   B. Firewall Management Policy   C. Network Connection Policy   D. All of the above

2.       Which of the following algorithm can ensure data confidentiality?   A. AES   B. MD5   C. PKI                           D. RSA

3.       Why is asymmetric algorithm key management simpler than symmetric algorithm key management?   A. Two public keys are used for the key exchange.   B. It uses fewer bits.   C. Only one key is used.   D. One of the keys can be made public.

1.       In which of the following terminologies is a malicious activity that is detected by the IPS module or sensor and for which an alert will be generated?   A. True Negative   B. False Positive   C. False Negative   D. True Positive

2.       Which of the followings is a tool or technique for malicious traffic detection?   A. Signature based IDS/IPS   B. Policy based IDS/IPS   C. Anomaly based IDS/IPS   D. All of the above

3.       Which of the following actions or responses are commonly used in IDS technology? (Choose any two)   A. Drop   B. Alert   C. Reset   D. Monitor   E. Block

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