Explain the distinction of: Primary market vs. secondary market. Capital market vs. money market. Stock market vs. fixed-income market. Foreign exchange market vs. commodities market.

What are the key differences between a mutual fund and a bank or an insurance company?Would the following activities increase or decrease the firm’s cash balance?

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Inventories are increased. Accounts payable are decreased. Additional common stock is issued. New equipment is purchased.

What information is contained in the: Balance Sheet. Income Statement. Retained Earnings Statement. Cash Flow Statement.

What are some of the measures used to assess financial performance?

How can we calculate present and future values for streams of cash payments?

Why do investors pay attention to bond ratings and demand a higher interest rate for bonds with low ratings?

Explain market values, book values and liquidation value of stock.True/False:

If stock prices follow a “random walk”: Successive stock prices are not related. Successive stock price changes are not related. Stock prices fluctuate above and below a normal long-range price. The history of stock prices cannot be used to predict future returns to investors.Technical analysts and fundamental analysts try to earn superior returns in the stock market. Explain how their efforts help keep the market “efficient”.

Explain the net present value of an investment, and how is NPV calculated?

Explain the internal rate of return of an investment, and how is IRR calculated?

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