Internet Programming

1. Browse the web, and choose a site that you feel exhibits positive use of color, in both content and backgrounds. Write a short design critique that describes how the use of color enhances the legibility of the site and improves user access to information.

2. Browse the web, and choose a mainstream (not amateur) site that can benefit from a change in color scheme. Look for problems with legibility of text over background colors, use of nonstandard linking colors, and so on. Write a short essay that describes the changes you would implement to improve the use of color on the site.

1. List three technology constraints that can affect the way a user views your web site’s content.

2. Consult your web server administrator when you need to determine the _____________ and _____________ for your site.

3. Name two inconsistencies that can cause broken links when you upload your files to a web server.

4. List three characteristics of filenames that vary by operating system.


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