Internet Programming

Find three current articles discussing web design trends, such as low contrast or background images, and their impact on website readability. If possible, locate examples of websites that use the trend. Are the websites readable? If not, how might you improve readability? If possible, view the websites on different devices, and adjust the brightness of your device display.

What impact do these changes have on readability? As a web designer, would you recommend incorporating this trend? Why or why not?

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Internet Programming
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Using design to establish a visual identity or brand for a corporation or organization can contribute to widespread recognition of the corporation’s or organization’s products and/or services. Locate a real-world website of your choice that has a very well-known visual identity (for example, a recognizable logo, such as the Nike swoosh, or proprietary font, such as Disney).

Discuss how typography and image selection contribute to the website publisher’s visual identity and brand.

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