International business management

Question: Which of the following is an advantage related to both a relatively low level of fixed costs and to a low minimum efficient scale?
A A firm can hedge against potential adverse moves in currencies

B Products can be standardized across different national markets

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International business management
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C Firms can operate entirely out of their home countries

D Product manufacturing can be limited to a single location

Question: Which of the following is an advantage of a geocentric approach to staffing for international businesses?

A It permits better corporate center control

B It is inexpensive to implement

C It helps build a strong culture

D It helps transfer core competencies

Question: A citizen of Japan who moves to the United States to work at Microsoft would be classified as a(n)

A Expatriate

B Inpatriate

C Third-country national

D Host-country national

Question: When should an exporter get export credit insurance?

A When the exporter is facing a situation where the importer may default on payment

B When the exporter is dealing with a country that has a nonconvertible currency

C When he is unable to obtain any pre-export financing

D When the exporter has received a letter of credit from the importer’s bank

Question: Re-entry of expatriate managers into their home-country organization is termed _____.

A Inpatriation

B Nesting

C Repatriation

D Homing

Question: Historically, most outsourcing decisions have involved

A The manufacture of physical products

B The procurement of agricultural products

C The mining of precious resources

D The provision services

Question: In an international context, _____ exists whenever consumers in different countries are charged different prices for the same product.

A Standardized pricing

B Global pricing

C Predatory pricing

D Price discrimination

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