International business management

Question: With regard to the types of allowances often included in an expatriate’s compensation package, a(n) _____ allowance is paid when the expatriate is being sent to a difficult location.

A Education

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International business management
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B Housing

C Hardship

D Cost-of-living

Question: The use of price as a competitive weapon to drive weaker competitors out of a national market is called

A Multipoint pricing

B Predatory pricing

C Forward pricing

D Supra-competitive pricing

Question: In countries such as Great Britain, Germany, and the United States

A Channel lengths are short and the retail system is fragmented

B Channel lengths are short and the retail system is concentrated

C Channel lengths are long and the retail system is fragmented

D Channel lengths are long and the retail system is concentrated

Question: Which of the following two international strategies are most compatible with a geocentric staffing policy?

A Global standardization and transnational

B Localization and transnational

C International and multidomestic

D Global standardization and multidomestic

Question: Why is barter not a common arrangement?

A It is a very complex arrangement

B It is primarily used with trading partners who are generally not considered creditworthy

C Firms run the risk of having to accept goods they do not want

D When the goods are exchanged simultaneously, one partner ends up financing the other

Question: Which of the following is one of the advantages that accrue to a firm that buys component parts from independent suppliers?

A It facilitates the scheduling of adjacent processes

B It protects proprietary production technology

C It can facilitate investments in highly specialized assets

D It may help capture orders from international customers

Question: The rapid development of the Internet in recent years has helped to

A Shorten channel length

B Temporize channel length

C Concentrate the retail system

D Fragment the retail system

Question: In poor nations

A Direct selling may be the only way to reach consumers

B A pull strategy is generally favored

C A product’s attributes are well understood

D High-quality channels exist that provide point-of-sale assistance

Question: Which of the following is the most notable trend in the global retail industry in the last decade?

A Segmentation

B Fragmentation

C Shrinkage

D Consolidation

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