Sally is a third-grade student at an economically diverse school. Sally lives in poverty, as do about one-fourth of her class. Another one-fourth of the class come from uppermiddle-income families, and another half come from middle-income families. Sally’s teacher, Ms. Roberts, has assigned a diorama (a scenic representation with sculpted figures and lifelike objects) project in lieu of a standard book report on Charlotte’s Web. Kanesha, one of the more affluent children in the class, has created an elaborate diorama in a large shoe box. She placed plastic animals and small dolls in the diorama. The inside of her box is paneled with craft sticks to look like barn siding, and she used fine fishing line to create a web. Although Sally read, understood, and enjoyed the book, her diorama does not compare favorably to Kanesha’s. First, she did not have a shoe box to use, so she used an old box she found at a grocery store. She made her animals out of paper because she could not afford plastic animals. She made her web out of an old shoelace. When Sally looked at her diorama next to Kanesha’s, she almost cried. She did cry when Ms. Roberts gushed over how lovely Kanesha’s diorama looked. What should Ms. Roberts have done differently?

a. She should have explained the income differences to the students before they began their project.

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b. She should have had the students write traditional book reports.

c. She should have provided the materials and then had the students create the dioramas.

d. She should have praised Sally’s diorama more than Kanesha’s.

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