1.What does the concept of intelligence mean? ∙

What did Binet and Wechsler contribute to the field of intelligence?

What are some pros and cons of individual versus group tests of intelligence?

2.What is Sternberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence?

What is Gardner’s system of “frames of mind”?

What is Mayer, Salovey, and Goleman’s concept of emotional intelligence?

How is each theory relevant to education?

What are some aspects of the controversy about whether intelligence is better conceptualized as general intelligence or multiple intelligences?

Ms. Delgado teaches third grade in a community in which a gunman opened fire on the patrons of a store in the local mall. Her students are understandably upset by the news and by the fact that the gunman has not yet been apprehended. According to Gurwitch and colleagues (2001), which of the following would be the least appropriate thing for Ms. Delgado to do?

a. Allow her students to talk about what happened and their fears that it could happen at the school.

b. Disallow conversation about the shootings so that the students do not get upset.

c. Reassure her students that they are safe at school, including a brief discussion of appropriate emergency procedures.

d. Listen to the students’ accounts to ensure that they have no misconceptions regarding having caused the shootings.


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