1. Charles Spearman articulated a powerful view of intelligence. Describe the theory of intelligence as articulated by Spearman. What are its main strengths and what are its weaknesses?
  2. Do you think his viewpoint on intelligence still applies today (why or why not?)
  3. Describe why the idea of ‘learning styles’ is a psychological myth? Is there anything about the concept that you feel can be saved?

Which student would best be described as androgynous?

a. Alex, who is sensitive to others’ feelings, shares secrets with friends, and provides social support to others

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b. Chris, who is independent, competitive, patient, self-reflective, and provides social support to others

c. Pat, who is kind, sensitive, self-reflective, and likes to tell secrets to friends d. Terry, who is independent, competitive, self-confident, aggressive, and willing to take risks

A male is most likely to display helping behavior in which situation?

a. A friend’s car battery has died and needs a jump.

b. A small child needs help writing a poem for language arts class.

c. A family member is ill and needs someone to provide care.

d. A friend needs advice about a personal problem.

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