Information Technology

1. A phonetic password generator picks two segments randomly for each six letter password. The form of each segment is C9V (consonant, digit, vowel), where = 6a, e, i, o, u7 and C ≠ V.

a. What is the total password population?

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Information Technology
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b. What is the probability of an adversary guessing a password correctly?

2. Assume that passwords are limited to the use of the 95 printable ASCII characters and that all passwords are 8 characters in length. Assume a password cracker with an encryption rate of 6.4 million encryptions per second. How long will it take to test exhaustively all possible passwords on a UNIX system?

Should software engineers be licensed or certified the way many other professional engineers are?

Can a software engineer’s performance be evaluated in an objective, quantitative way?

How do licensing issues relate to the issues introduced in this chapter?

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