Information Technology

Discuss why an understanding of legacy system technologies is of some importance to auditors.If an organization processes large numbers of transactions that use common data records, what type of system would work best (all else being equal)?

If an organization processes transactions that have independent (unique) data needs, what type of system would work best (all else being equal)?

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Information Technology
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Explain how a hashing structure works and why it’s quicker than using an index. Give an example. If it’s so much faster, why isn’t it used exclusively?

Describe a specific accounting application that could make use of a virtual storage access method file.For each of the following items, indicate whether a sequential, block, group, alphabetic, or mnemonic code would be most appropriate (you may list multiple methods; give an example and explain why each method is appropriate):a. state codesb. check numberc. chart of accountsd. inventory item numbere. bin number (inventory warehouse location)f. sales order numberg. vendor codeh. invoice numberi. customer number

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