Information System

Conception is the phase in which the key business case is developed, risk analysed and the feasibility of an information system assessed. True or false?

■ True

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Information System
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■ False

1. Distinguish between information system costs and information system benefits. Write two sentences. 2. Intangible costs are frequently referred to as visible costs because they are reasonably straightforward to measure. True or false?

■ True

■ False

A use case model provides a high-level description of major user interactions with an information system. True or false?

■ True

■ False

1. Distinguish between a theory X and theory Y perspective on human behaviour. Write two sentences.

What are the major benefits of stakeholder participation in analysis and design work? Write two sentences.

1. System construction involves the three related processes of programming, testing and documentation. True or false?

■ True

■ False

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