Information-Processing model

1.How do young children compare with older children in their metacognitive abilities?

2. According to Pressley and colleagues’ Good Information-Processing model, competent cognition results from what interacting factors?

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Information-Processing model
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3.How can children be helped to learn metacognitive strategies and self-regulation?

4.How might the three steps in the Good Information-Processing model be part of teaching a topic to children? Select a topic that you might teach one day and try working through it as an example.

1.What are concepts and why are they indispensable to thinking?

2.What are some ways that students can be guided to construct effective concepts?

3.What might the concept “art” mean to a 3-year-old? To a 10-year-old? To a 16-year-old? To a professional artist? How do such changes come about?

1. Which of the following is the best example of a superordinate concept?

a. collie

b. dog

c. German shepherd d. poodle

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