1.You are making a home visit with an older adult with mild dementia when she tells you that she suspects her health-care aide is stealing money from her. She has no family to take care of her and asks that you not contact the police or talk to the aide. What should you do? 2. When an older adult is experiencing confusion, the first condition to be ruled out is

a. delirium.

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b. anxiety.

c. depression.

d. dementia.

2.An older adult who was once very active in the local symphony is losing his hearing and it is very difficult for him to listen to music, even with head phones. Music has been his one great joy in life. Is there any other way to connect the older adult with music?

2. The most common form of reported mistreatment of older adults is

a. physical abuse.

b. emotional abuse.

c. neglect by self and others.

d. financial abuse

Nurses and physicians in a long-term care facility refuse to take art or music therapy seriously, dismissing them as nonsense. Yet the social worker really believes that some of the older adults might really enjoy this type of intervention.

What can the social worker do to make his or her case with other professionals


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