1. In one Harris poll, 84 percent of Americans said that, given a choice between a high standard of living (but with hazardous air and water pollution and the depletion of natural resources) and a lower standard of living (but with clean air and drinking water), they would prefer clean air and drinking water and a lower standard of living. What about you?

What exactly would you be willing to give up: air conditioning, convenience packaging and products, driving your own car rather than using public transportation?

Do you think most people are willing to change their lifestyles to preserve the environment?

1. How are your parents or other mentors staying fit and alert as they age? Do you think you might use similar strategies?

2. Do you think that coming to terms with mortality allows an individual to live each day to its fullest, rather than putting off what he or she would like to do until tomorrow? How does this concept aff ect your own life? Explain. Do you believe in a next life? How does this aff ect your view of life and death?


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