Which of the following is the most accurate statement based on existing research?

a. The typical parenting style in non-Western cultures is authoritarian.

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b. The American model of parenting does not apply well in other cultures.

c. Providing explanations to their children is most common among non-Western parents who spend more time with their children than do American parents.

d. Permissive parenting would be most likely in cultures that have a tradition of filial piety.

The use of shame as a form of discipline

a. has resulted in positive outcomes in both the United States and Finland.

b. is referred to as psychological control by American researchers.

c. is associated with high rates of behavior problems in Japanese children.

d. is universally accepted as the best method of discipline because it does not include physical punishment.

Which of the following is true regarding siblings?

a. A gap of 4–8 years between children is common in many cultures across the world.

b. “Only children” are maladjusted, meaning they are more prone to depression behavior disorders.

c. Jealousy is a common response to the birth of a younger sibling across cultures.

d. Research has shown that young children who have no siblings have a more advanced theory of mind than young children who have older siblings.

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