A key reason why emotional outbursts decline in early childhood is that children

a. learn strategies for regulating their emotions, in a practice known as effortful control.

b. have a more sophisticated theory of mind at this age.

c. at this age are no longer at risk for externalizing problems.

d. have learned the skill of overcontrolling their emotions.

Which of the following statements accurately describes moral development in early childhood?

a. Children at this age are not yet able to experience empathy.

b. Socioemotional emotions such as shame and pride first appear.

c. Perspective taking and being able to understand how others think and feel make children more empathic at this age.

d. Young children inherently know the rules and expectations of their culture without needing to be taught.

The way we organize and process information in terms of gender-based categories is referred to as

a. gender identity.

b. gender constancy.

c. self-socialization.

d. gender schemas.


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