1.What are some kinds of research that relate directly to effective classroom practices?

What tools might a teacher use to do classroom research?

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2.What characterizes quantitative and qualitative research?

3.In your own K–12 education, can you remember a time when one of your teachers might have benefited from conducting action research regarding the effectiveness of his or her own teaching methods?

1.How would you handle the situation if parents became angry that, because of time allotted to cooperative learning, their children were being allowed less time to learn on an individual basis?
2.Which of the following is the best example of scaffolding?

a. Steve gives his friend Vlade the answers to today’s homework.

b. Steve helps his friend Vlade complete today’s homework by giving him the least amount of assistance he needs for each question.

c. Steve helps his friend Vlade complete today’s homework by giving him hints to each answer.

d. Steve tells his friend Vlade that he has to do his homework on his own.

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