1.What professional knowledge and skills are required to be an effective teacher?

2.Why is it important for teachers to be committed and motivated?

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3. What is most likely to make teaching rewarding for you in the long run?

4.Why is research important in educational psychology?

5.What are some types of research?

1.Which of the following best reflects situated cognition?

a. Students read a book about the role of a justice of the peace in the legal system.

b. The teacher arranges for students to visit a local justice of the peace office, talk with the justice of the peace, and observe a justice of the peace session.

c. Students are given an assignment to collaborate with each other and write a report on the role of the justice of the peace in the legal system.

d. The teacher assigns students the task of searching for articles about what a justice of the peace does and to do an oral report on what they have found.

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