1.What is the definition of being gifted? What are some criticisms of gifted programs? What characteristics does Winner ascribe to children who are gifted?

2.What roles do nature/nurture, developmental changes, and domain specificity play in giftedness?

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3.What are some options for educating students who are gifted?

1.What are emotions? How does emotion develop? How can children be helped to cope with stress?

2.What is the level of moral development likely to be among the children you intend to teach? How might this affect your approach to how you manage students’ relations with others in the class?

1.What are some minor and moderate interventions for managing problem behaviors in the classroom environment? Who else can help?

2.What can the teacher do about fighting, bullying, and defiance? What are some effective school-based bullying intervention programs?

3.How worried are you about problem behaviors among the students you plan to teach? In view of your own current skills, personality, and values, what steps could you begin to take to prepare yourself for dealing with them?

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