a.       How predictive of actual behavior do you think personality tests are?

How would you conduct a study that examines this question?

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How would you do it across cultures?

b.      Do you believe animals have personalities?

How would you study that and document those personalities?

c.       Are indigenous personalities really indigenous? For example, the Japanese culture includes the concept of amae described above.

Do you think that amae also exists in other cultures, at least in terms of behaviors or mental processes?

How would you go about showing that?

a.       When there is an obstacle to your goal, how do you prefer to deal with it? Head on? Go around it? People of other cultures may prefer a different way of dealing with such obstacles.

How will you manage when you have to work with others with vastly different perspectives on how to deal with problems?

b.      What makes you unique? And how important is it to you to have that unique aspect of yourself?

Do you think people of other cultures consider uniqueness and important aspect of themselves?

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