1.Describe assessment before, after, and during instruction.

2.How can assessment be brought into line with contemporary views of learning and motivation?

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3.What are learning targets?

4.What standards can be used to judge the quality of classroom assessments?

5. What are some current trends in assessing students’ learning?

Ms. Vick has created an assessment to measure the degree to which her students have mastered the content of her unit on the U.S. Constitution. Included in the test are items about the Bill of Rights, other constitutional amendments, the American Revolution, and World War II. What is the best description of this assessment?

a. It is likely to yield both valid and reliable scores.

b. The scores are unlikely to be valid or reliable.

c. While the scores may be reliable, they will not be valid.

d. While the scores may be valid, they will not be reliable.

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