What value do you see in the No Child Left Behind legislation? What problems? Should No Child Left Behind legislation be abolished or retained? Explain.

2.Which of the following would be an appropriate use of an aptitude test?

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a. Josh takes a standardized test to help determine whether he is likely to be successful in medical school.

b. Pete takes a standardized test to help determine what he has learned in his teacher preparation program.

c. Stan takes a standardized test to determine to what degree he has met state mathematics standards.

d. Penelope takes a standardized test to determine whether she can graduate from high school.

Ms. Jerovitz is reviewing the results of a standardized achievement test her students have taken. She carefully examines and charts the scores on each of the subtests included in the test. She has scores in mathematical reasoning, computation, vocabulary, reading comprehension, spelling, science, and social studies. What type of test did her students most likely take?

a. diagnostic test

b. aptitude test

c. intelligence test

d. survey battery

Sally is nervous about the test she will be taking as part of the teacher certification process. The test will cover information regarding educational psychology and child development. Which test is Sally most likely taking?




d. National Teacher Certification Test

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