1.How can aptitude and achievement tests be compared?

2.What are survey batteries, specific subject tests, and diagnostic tests?

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3.What are some possible advantages to high-stakes state standards-based testing and what are some ways their results are being used? What are some criticisms of high-stakes state standards-based testing?

4.How can standardized tests of teachers be characterized?

Ms. Comer is frustrated by the state standards-based tests she must give to her third-grade students. State funding for the district is now tied to performance on these tests. As a result, Ms. Comer and other teachers are under pressure from the administration and board of education to ensure that all students meet state standards. Which of the following is the most likely outcome of this scenario?

a. Ms. Comer and other teachers will become better teachers so that their students will achieve at higher levels.

b. Ms. Comer and other teachers will begin to teach only the things that will be covered on the state standards-based test, thus narrowing the curriculum and student learning opportunities.

c. Ms. Comer and other teachers will ignore the pressure from administrators and the board of education, continue to teach as they always have, and hope for the best.

d. Ms. Comer and other teachers will spend more time enriching their curriculum so that students will achieve at higher levels.

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