1.How can low-achieving students with low achievement expectations be described and how can teachers help them?

2. What are some strategies students use to protect their self-worth by avoiding failure? How can these students be helped?

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3.What characterizes students who procrastinate, and what are some strategies to help them?

Which of the following students is least likely to have a strong achievement motivation?

a. Lee, an African American student from a middle-income family

b. Pedro, a Latino student from a middle-income family

c. Ross, an African American student from an affluent family

d. Sean, a White student from a low-income family

Scott slides down in his seat to avoid being called on by the teacher. His behavior reflects which of the following in an effort to protect his self-worth by avoiding failure? a. failure syndrome

b. nonperformance

c. procrastination

d. setting unreachable goals

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