Human Resources

Hoker Superstore was established in 1995 supplying daily commodities to target customers throughout the country. Figure 1 shows the composition of its customers as at 31 March 2020, represented by teens (2%), retired (8%), house-wives (10%) and working groups (80%). The company has 20 stores located at each of the major cities of the country as at 31 March 2018. Due to operation difficulties, it closed down 10 stores in year 2019. Due to the impact of the Corona Virus, it further closed down another 5 stores in early 2020. The company has been getting loss for consecutive years and the Board of Directors of the company is now considering to adopt a comprehensive change plan for the company to sustain its business and to turn around the company in coming years. The Company consists of the following key management positions: Alan Chau, Chief Executive Officer (38 years old) – He is also one of the members of the Board of Directors and has joined the company in December 2018. He has got an MBA degree and is keen on the areas of organizational behaviour. Before he joined the company, he had been a Marketing Director with Top Market Limited, which is the major competitor to the company. Betty King, Sales & Marketing Director (45 years old) – She is currently not sitting on the board of directors as she joined the company for less than two years since November 2019. She is leading a team of seven members including two Associate Sales & Marketing Directors, four Sales & Marketing Managers and one Customer Relationship Manager who are responsible for monitoring the operation of the shops (including the purchasing, sales and distribution of goods together with the coordination with the third party warehouse). Fanny Dream, Human Resources Director (35 years old) – She has been sitting on the Board of Directors for over 20 years. She is leading one Human Resource Manager, who is responsible to handle all matters on staff recruitment, staff benefits and training & development matters.

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Human Resources
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