Human Resource Management

Objective This exercise is designed to have students use the Internet to uncover mistakes that multinational corporations have made while managing their human resources around the world.

Instructions Students should read the exercise below, conduct research on the Internet, prepare a one-page report, and then, in groups of three to four, discuss the findings with their colleagues in class.

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Human Resource Management
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Parent (or headquarters) companies have experienced difficulties adjusting to hostnation management practices. Examples of blunders being made by American, Japanese, French, British, and Swedish firms have continued to make news for decades. For example, a Japanese company doing business in Indonesia hired primarily Bataks, members of an ethnic group with characteristics similar to the Japanese. Other Indonesians, however, resented this hiring practice, viewed it as discriminatory, and forced the company to change its policy. As an assignment, students should use their favorite search engine on the Internet to collect examples of three blunders or problems that companies and organizations have encountered when addressing management practices in a host country and prepare a one-page summary on each of these examples for discussion with class colleagues

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