How far do we go to save an endangered species?

Ecology Dilemma Discussion

Topic: How far do we go to save an endangered species?


All of the articles deal with examples of ethical or moral questions when it comes to saving an endangered organism. Are there situations where the rights of private individuals to protect their property supersede the societal desire to preserve endangered animals? What about a situation where one animal is naturally out-competing an endangered species? Do we reach a point where we simply say “This organism is not meant to survive in today’s world,” or do we continue to fight to save it at any cost? Where do you draw the line? How much effort should be put into conserving endangered species? At what expense to taxpayers as a whole and to individual citizens?


What is Eminent Domain?

The Case of the Puritan Tiger Beetle vs Residents: An Ongoing Conflict

The Case of the Spotted Owl vs the Barred Owl: Means to an End?

The Case of the Red-cockaded Woodpecker: A Success Story?


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