How did you prepare yourself to make an informed decision?

In an informal write up of about 800 words describe your election experience. Did you vote, if so how (you don’t have to tell me who you voted for)? When I say how, I mean, in person, early voting, drop off ballot, or provisional. Did you research the ballot before you voted? Is this your first time voting? How did you prepare yourself to make an informed decision? Did you watch the debate, the news or read websites? Watch local issues did you pay attention too or want to see changed? Did you download a sample ballot? Also, did you volunteer on a political campaign? IF so, tell me about that experience. Finally, tell me what you did on election day. Did you watch tv for updates? Did you make last phone calls urging people to vote? Or were you burnt out about this process that you took the day off. Give me some details of how you spent the day.

Next, in about 3-5 sentences tell me how history has shaped this presidential election. What election from your readings do you think this election looks like? If you could be a future historian, how do you think scholars will write about this election, if at all, and do you think we will care about how this election turns out?


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