How did the interviews challenge or change your thinking?


Judy Heumann –
Day Al-Mohamed –
Edlyn & Diego Pena –
CJ Jones –
Matthew Wangeman –
Michelle Nario-Redmond –
● Andy Imparato –
Answer each question/prompt in 1-2 paragraphs while applying content that was covered in the course. Indicate A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I for each response. Include the question/prompt and the answer to each question/prompt.

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How did the interviews challenge or change your thinking?
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Who were the two individuals that you “met” in their online interviews? Why did you choose those two individuals?
How were the two individuals similar in their perspectives? How were their perspectives unique?
What were your initial assumptions, biases, and/or stigmas you had before watching these interviews? How did the interviews challenge or change your thinking?

Explain how the content and perspectives in the interviews relate to the social model and medical model of disability.

Name at least 2 of the following concepts learned in this course that are applicable to these interviews and explain how they apply.

Assistive Technology
Inspiration porn
Respectful language related to disability
How did these interviews shape your understanding of disability rights or civil rights as a whole?

If you could spend the day with each of these people, what would you hope to do and to talk about or ask? Why?

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