How did government involvement impact the outcome of this strike? Explain

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Watch Oscar Award Winning film American Dream concerning a strike at the flagship Hormel meatpacking plant in the 1980s.

You can access the film. without cost here:

Copy and paste the following questions into a word document. Answer each question and submit the document when you are finished.

1) What role do you think the fact that local union presidents are chosen by democratic election may have played in the strategy chosen by local P-9? Explain your answer.

2) The purpose of a strike is to put economic pressure on an employer and strengthen the bargaining position of the union in contract negotiations. Explain the reasons Local P-9’s strike was not successful in applying that pressure against Hormel as depicted or discussed in the movie.

3) When the police arrive to deal with the traffic blockages, you hear Roy Rogers yell out instructions to the strikers to answer questions about who was in charge by saying “no one is in charge.” What requirement of proving an unfair labor practice likely inspired that instruction? (What element of proof about who must commit a behavior for it to become a union ULP does that instruction address?)

4) How did government involvement impact the outcome of this strike? Explain your answer.

5) This film depicted some painful and tension filled interactions between the workers throughout the pursuit of this strike. How did those scenes impact your understanding of unionism, union members and strikes? Explain your answer.


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