HIV Outbreak Analysis

Directions: Write a comprehensive analysis of two recent HIV outbreaks in the populations and geographical locations presented below:

Populations 1: Highest risk adult population and children under 5 – American/Indians/Alaska Natives in the U.S.

Populations 2: Highest risk adult population and children under 5 – in the country of India

Provide a thorough analysis by addressing the following parts:

Part 1: Outline the epidemiological HIV profiles of the outbreaks separately. Recall that the epidemiological method provides the foundation to present the essential pieces (layer 1) and build from there

Part 2: Compare and contrast the outbreaks for a specific timeframe as laid out above (e.g. cases, historical snapshot, chain of transmission and mortality rates)

Part 3: Discuss the surveillance systems, prevention, and treatment approaches for the populations within the specified locations

Part 4: Explain the social, economic, political, and social engagement (layer 2). Given the limited word count, you may not be able to address all aspects. However, you should be able to address at minimum two aspects.


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