Healthcare Policy and Innovation


HCI 550 Healthcare Policy and Innovation kicks off with learning about the basics of healthcare policy and its impact on health. Healthcare policy is a complex subject involving the social, public and private domains. Readings in Module 1 will survey the impact of healthcare policy on health; the role of stakeholders in creating and amending policy; and the policy-making process. As Module 1 encompasses Week 1 and Week 2, readings, lectures and videos are intended to overlap.

At the end of this class, your final assignment will be a 8-12 minute presentation on a healthcare policy issue. The healthcare policy issue topic must be approved by faculty. I encourage you to begin thinking about a healthcare policy issue about which you are passionate, favorably or unfavorably, and how you might innovate, change, or improve it.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, students will be able to:

  1. Analyze the process for creating and amending healthcare policy specific to financing, technology, institutions and stakeholders.
  2. Examine the development and evolution of healthcare policy including regulatory and statutory mechanisms.
  3. Evaluate the relationship between healthcare policy and health disparities.
  4. Identify and distinguish between generic and specific stakeholders and policymakers.


Learning Materials


Read the following:

  • The Basics
    • Longest (2016) – Chapter 1
  • The Impact of Healthcare Policy on Health
    • Longest (2016) – Chapter 2
    • Lachman, V. (2012, July-August). Ethical challenges in the era of health care reform


MedSurg Nursing, 21(4), 248-250

  • Additional Reading:  Brinkmann, J. T. (January 2018). Healthcare policy: Where it comes from and how to change it, The O&P Edge. (Links to an external site.)


Watch the following:

1. Health Care or Healthcare? Review the attached PowerPoint presentation discussing the controversy of this term; definitions; and support for one or two word terms.

2. Policy and Philosophy


: As you start to research your policy paper and begin readings, especially from Longest, think of this PowerPoint Presentation as a guide to using philosophy as a template for decision-making i.e., whether policy-makers consider the total social construct of the beneficiaries of their policies.

Module 1: Policymaking

  • Due No Due Date


  • Points 0


In this class, we are learning how to use policymaking to effect innovation and change in healthcare. Understanding the rules of any effort or undertaking is key to its success.  Whether it is an idea to improve your work/workplace or the larger community, whether it is through the adoption of workplace policies or through state/federal legislation, policymaking is the vehicle to move your idea forward.

As you think about the topic you would like to create, or an existing policy you want to improve/amend, peruse the attached document for a better understanding of the scope of legislation introduced this session in the AZ State Legislature.  It is offered as an example of the kinds of bills/legislation introduced in a typical legislative session, usually by a stakeholder who will benefit.  Some are advancing and offer a bird’s eye view of the process.  Others are, or always were, never going anywhere, in part, due to the bill substance or sponsor.

Most legislation is typically incremental.  It advances policy in manageable bites.  It is not broad sweeping like fixing the ACA or changing health insurance for the masses.  It is easily explained and identifies a valid need that will sway the decision-makers.  The more moving pieces in the bill, the more likely it will attract opposition to something, which threatens to kill the entire bill.  And it brings too many stakeholders to the table to work with and satisfy.  We call these Christmas tree bills, because they have so many shiny ideas (ornaments), and they are unwieldy.

Passion for the policy is important, but passion alone will not guarantee success.  Thus, we will move through different elements which all will come together at the end of this class to complete your journey in your policymaking project.  Sometimes it takes multiple years to gain enough support to successfully move the policy.  Regardless of the method of policymaking, it is always about the numbers.  At the AZ State Legislature, most regular bills require 31 votes in the House, 16 votes in the Senate, and 1 on the Ninth Floor.  In the House and Senate, the total can come from either or both sides of the aisle, but if the Governor doesn’t sign off on the bill, it is meaningless.  It is the same premise in Congress, although with different numbers; 218 in the House, 51 in the Senate and 1 in the White House.  What about in your workplace?  How many different departments need to sign off and agree to the idea?  Who has the final say?  Once you understand the process, it can be applied to many scenarios.  (Rule-making, however is administrative and subject to a different set of rules, and a different class.)

Finally, as you work through this class and your policymaking project, take each element, or step, one at a time.  Have fun working through it.  Who knows, your idea may be primed at the end of this class to be the next successful policy in your workplace or in your community!


Module 1: Healthcare Policy Issue Topic

  • Due Mar 13 by 11:59pm


  • Points 0


  • Submitting a text entry box or a file upload

(1)After having reviewed the previous module, select a healthcare policy issue related to your practice, organization or area of interest, to which you can apply policymaking to innovate, change or improve the policy.  The topic must fit within the course learning outcomes and should be the basis for your final presentation. Think about a healthcare policy issue about which you are passionate or have strong convictions, that you desire to advance, keeping in mind that you will be completing an 8-12 minute presentation at the end of the course on this topic (using Prezi, PowerPoint or similar product with voice-over narration).    Please submit your topic for faculty approval. I am looking for a short paragraph stating what you would like to choose as your topic, its description, the reason why and the policy’s intended outcome. I will respond with either an approval or ask you to elaborate or choose a new topic (with my reasoning) by Sunday.  Keep an eye out for my response.



  • Healthcare policy issue must be related to your practice, organization or area of interest (include in the paragraph)
  • Healthcare policy issue must fit within the course learning outcomes
  • Healthcare policy issue will ultimately include application of policymaking to innovate, change or improve it
  • Healthcare policy issue requires faculty approval

Grading Rubric

The policy issue topic paragraph is not a graded assignment.  But unless it is approved, you cannot proceed with it for the final assignment.


(2) In HCI 550, you will be asked, as part of your assignments, to identify stakeholders.  Oftentimes, only generic categories of stakeholders are mentioned.  Those might include: patients, physicians, insurers, the public.  Occasionally they will be confused with the policymakers themselves.  In this class, it is not sufficient to discuss stakeholders generically.  In order to earn full credit on assignments, specific stakeholders must be identified and discussed.

Familiarize yourself with the following powerpoint presentation.  In the Healthcare Policy Issue Topic Paper, you will be asked to identify specific stakeholders for the first time.

Complete and submit the attached worksheet for credit.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Stakeholders vs. Policymakers.rev.1.pdf



Stakeholder Worksheet-2.pdf




(3) Module 1: Writing Assignment: Healthcare Policy Issue Topic Paper

Start Assignment

  • Due Mar 20 by 11:59pm


  • Points 5


  • Submitting a text entry box or a file upload

Write a one-page paper (double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman) that provides a brief description of a healthcare policy issue related to your practice, organization or area of interest, which you have chosen for your final Project..  Note the topic must fit within the course learning outcomes and have been approved by the course Instructor. The paper should include a statement of the issue, the importance or relevance of the topic to you or your field of study, identification of specific stakeholders involved, current status of the policy and information about future reform.  There is a link below with examples of how to cite legislation and statutes, if appropriate.  Please include a cover page, running head, page numbers, and a reference page. APA (7th ed.) format is required. 5 Points 

Due Saturday, March 20th at 11:59 pm

  • Faculty approval of healthcare policy issue
  • Follow grading rubric for this assignment attached below.
  • One-page paper, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font
  • Include a statement of the issue; the importance or relevance of the topic to you or your field of study; identification of specific stakeholders; current policy status; information about policy reform and policy recommendations
  • Include a cover page, running head, page numbers, and a reference page
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • APA (7th ed.) format

HCI 550 Citing Legislation.pdf





Policy Issue Topic Paper –

Policy Issue Topic Paper –
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroduction
1 to >0.8 pts

Full Marks

Introduction and relationship of policy issue to your area of interest is clear. Topic is presented creatively and captures reader’s interest.

0.8 to >0.4 pts


Introduction is broad, general and vague; does not capture the interest of the reader.

0.4 to >0 pts

No Marks/ Fails to Meet Expectations

Introduction is not included.

1 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStatement of the Policy Issue
1 to >0.8 pts

Full Marks

Presentation of the background and significance of the issue is accurate and clear.

0.8 to >0.4 pts


Presentation of the background and significance of the issue is not clear; lacks support.

0.4 to >0 pts

No Marks/ Fails to Meet Expectations

Presentation of the background and significance of the issue is not included.

1 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStakeholders
1 to >0.8 pts

Full Marks

Specific stakeholders and their roles are clearly identified.

0.8 to >0.4 pts


Generic stakeholders are identified; roles are not clearly defined.

0.4 to >0 pts

No Marks/ Fails to Meet Expectations

Stakeholders and roles are not identified.

1 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCurrent Status of Policy
1 to >0.8 pts

Full Marks

Current status of policy is clearly identified; status of future reform is outlined; supporting references are provided.

0.8 to >0.4 pts


Current status of policy is not clearly identified; status of future reform is vague; references do not provide support.

0.4 to >0 pts

No Marks/ Fails to Meet Expectations

Current status of policy is not identified; status of future reform is not included; supporting references are not included.

1 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting conventions and APA Format
1 to >0.8 pts

Full Marks

Correct APA format (7th ed.) with 1-2 grammatical and/or spelling errors; references are cited in body and reference page is included.

0.8 to >0.4 pts


Very good attempt at APA format (7th ed.) with 3-5 grammatical and/or spelling errors; references cited and/or reference list with only 3-5 errors.

0.4 to >0 pts

No Marks/ Fails to Meet Expectations

Poor attempt at APA format (7th ed.) with 6 or more grammatical and/or spelling errors or APA format not used; references not cited in body of paper, no reference list included.

1 pts
Total Points: 5


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