Health Sciences and Nursing Quote Analysis

Quote: “Variability is the law of life and as no two faces are the same, so no two bodies are alike and two individuals react alike and behave alike under abnormal conditions which we know as disease.”  


The quote means that people react differently to furious circumstances, a factor that ought to be considered by the medical givers in treating various cases of patients.  The variability of conditions can be in terms of genes, phenotypic, and physiology.  It can also be in terms of signs and symptoms, which different patients show in the event of a given ailment.  As a result, this leads to complications in diagnosis, understanding, and the treatment of a patient. 

 An example of a case in which a patient showed deteriorating condition was one she suffered from chronic kidney disease. The signs and symptoms of the disease appeared to be completely varying from what was expected of him, making it very hard to determine the kind of illness the person suffered from.  Higher blood pressure, loss of appetite, and fever were diagnosed, where it was challenging to decide on the precise disease that the patient was suffering from. Initially, after detecting all the symptoms, the disease was thought of as flu.

 It was only after undertaking extra blood and urine checks that I was able to determine the probability of the patient suffering from kidney disease. I also consulted some fellow caregivers who together we finally were able to diagnose the patient with the disease and provided the best medication that would help the patient manage his condition. Other symptoms depicted by the patient included itchiness and erectile dysfunction, which was proof that the illness was no longer in its early. However, the confusion of the symptoms that the patient had greatly differed from other cases, which could be best defined by the variability law by William Osler.

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