A large space between the front teeth is called a midline A. diastema.
B. void.
C. gap.
D. diameter.
32. Dr. Fernandez is about to perform a lateral condensation filling technique. As the dental assistant, which one of the following instruments must you hand her?
A. Condenser B. Spreader C. Plugger
D. Broach
33. After using a suture needle, you should dispose of it by placing it in a
A. sharps container.
B. garbage can. C. plastic bag. D. paper bag.
34. You’re assisting Dr. Sarah Jones during periodontal surgery. She has already made an incision. Which of the following instruments must you now hand her to fold back the flap?
A. Periodontal forceps B. Surgical hoe
C. Periosteal elevator D. Kirkland knife
35. A powerful evacuator used to remove fluids from the oral cavity during surgical procedures is the A. retractor.
B. surgical bur.
C. surgical aspirating unit.
D. rongeur.
36. Luxated teeth refers to which of the following types of teeth? A. Very shiny teeth
B. Teeth that are no longer in their original position
C. Teeth that are knocked out and on the ground
D. Mottled, speckled teeth
37. What are used to lift and separate tissues during an oral surgery procedure? A. Rests
B. Rongeurs
C. Clasps
D. Elevators
38. A tooth knocked out of the mouth is said to be A. broken.
B. luxated.
C. avulsed.
D. fractured.
39. A complete denture is made to sit on the A. lips.
B. damaged cusps.
C. soft tissues and underlying bony structures.
D. remaining teeth.
40. Separators are placed _______ to _______ days prior to fitting and cementation of bands.
A. 1; 2
B. 3; 7 C. 1; 5 D. 5; 10
41. What should you do to keep a pediatric patient calm? A. Look before you leap
B. Accentuate the positive
C. Inform before you perform
D. Wear a white lab coat
42. Tenderness of a tooth can best be determined by A. radiographs.
B. transillumination.
C. fiber optics.
D. percussion.
43. The instrument used for extractions in oral surgery procedures to remove the tooth from the alevolar bone is known as the _______ instrument.
A. clasp
B. elevator
C. aspirating unit D. forceps
44. Which of the following items would not be included on a dental laboratory prescription? A. The type of pontic
B. Infection control instructions
C. The type of prosthesis
D. The dentist’s name
45. Local anesthesia is achieved through A. premedication prior to a procedure.
B. intravenous therapy.
C. mental relaxation.
D. the injection of an anesthetic into the area in which the procedure is performed


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