Module Discussion

Describe the four steps of the public health approach toward injury prevention in your text and discuss at least one successful strategy that has been implemented to prevent injuries to either children or elderly population. Explain why public health use the term, ‘unintentional injury’ instead of ‘accident’?

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Module 13 Discussion

  1. View the hour-long 2008 California Newsreel documentary video “Unnatural Causes: In Sickness and In Wealth,” which tells the story of several individuals and the impact that their social situation has on their overall health and well-being.
  2. Discuss the documentary with your assigned group. Consider the testimonies of the people that were interviewed in the documentary with regard to such things as: how one’s living environment can affect their risk for chronic conditions, how income and education is related to the health of populations, how chronic stress is involved in the process of disease development, etc

Module 13 Assignment

Review the assigned module readings on health and human rights. From the OCHA website select one of the many featured stories. Now, put yourself in a reporter’s shoes that is interviewing the author/protagonist of the story you picked. Write two social media posts (100 words each) that you would write before and after the interview.

  1. The pre-post should refer to the location and the potential issue you are going to address.
  2. The post after the interview summarizes how the interview went and relates it to human rights.

Include at least two in-text citations (total) to attribute the information you are reporting. Include at least two in-text citations to attribute the information you are reporting. In-text reference citations e.g., (Author, Date) should be used for attribution when summarizing content (see the guidance provided in the Additional Resources folder on the course home page). A full reference citation is not required for this assignment.

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