1.The nurse writes a nursing diagnosis for which reason?

a. Direct medical care.

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b. Help to increase patient compliance.

c. Identify actual or potential alteration in patient


d. Determine insurance reimbursement in most cases.

2. A patient receiving an antihistamine complains of dry mouth and nose. An appropriate comfort measure for this patient would be to:

a. suggest that the patient use a humidifier.

b. encourage voiding before taking the drug.

c. have the patient avoid sun exposure.

d. give the patient a back rub.

3. When establishing the nursing interventions appropriate for a given patient

a. the patient should not be actively involved.

b. the patient support systems should be included only

at discharge.

c. teaching should be done when the patient states he

or she is ready to learn.

d. an evaluation of all of the data accumulated should

be incorporated to achieve an effective care plan.

4. The evaluation step of the nursing process

a. is often used as a last resort.

b. is important primarily in the acute setting.

c. is a continuous process.

d. includes making nursing diagnoses.

5. After teaching a patient about digoxin (generic)—a drug used to increase the effectiveness of the heart’s contractions— which statement would indicate that the teaching was effective?

a. “I need to take my pulse every morning before I take

my pill.”

b. “If I forget my pills, I usually make up the missed

dose once I remember.”

c. “This pill might help my hay fever when it becomes a


d. “I don’t remember the name of it, but it is the white


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