1.The factor(s) that most affect(s) an older adult’s interest in sexual activity is (are)

a. physical health.

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b. access to sexual partners.

c. privacy and support in institutional settings.

d. A combination of attitudes and physical health. 2. An older woman complains that she is lonely and depressed. Although she has family and friends nearby, she refuses to take the initiative to contact them and insists they should contact her first. What should the social worker do?

You are a supervisor of several young female social workers in a nursing home. These women have complained that an older male patient is engaging in highly sexually suggestive language when he talks to them. What should you do as their supervisor? 2. The strengths-based perspective as applied to biopsychosocial assessments

a. minimizes the identification of challenges in favor of strengths.

b. emphasizes the importance of assessing strengths and challenges.

c. identifies obstacles and challenges for an older adult only if the older adult brings it up first.

d. relies predominately on the strengths older adults identify in themselves.

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