Group Learning Exercise: Technological Innovation & Leadership

Nursing leadership class


Technological Innovation and Thought Leadership Technological Innovations continue to change the face of health care, and the pace of such innovations continues to increase exponentially. For example, wireless communication, computerized charting, and the barcode scanning of medications have all greatly affected the practice of nursing.

Group Assignment

You will be divided into groups. Each group would choose at least one of the following technological innovations and discuss how this technology is expected to impact nursing and health care in the coming decade.

See if you can identify the thought leader(s) credited with developing these technologies and explore the process that they used to both develop and market their innovations.

Biometrics to ensure patient confidentiality
Computerized physician order entry
Point-of-care testing
Bluetooth technology
Electronic health records
Artificial intelligence
Robotic surgery
Nursebots (prototype nurse robots)
Genetic and genomic testing

Submission Guidelines

Only doc, docx, and odt file types are accepted – PDF files are not accepted. You may download Microsoft Office for free under Pages.



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