Fostering job satisfaction and motivation through power distance.

Define expatriate managers and domestic managers using the literature. Explain the weaknesses and benefits of each and why a company would choose one over the other in which instances. Make sure that you include the assigned readings listed below along with 3 additional PRJ articles.

  • Patrick Rau, P., Jun, L., Juzek, C., & Reiner Nowacki, C. (2013). Fostering job satisfaction and motivation through power distance: A study of German expatriates’ leadership in China. Global Business & Management Research, 5(4), 161-170.
  • Mockaitis, A. I., Zander, L., & De Cieri, H. (2016). Special issue of International Journal of Human Resource Management: The benefits of global teams for international organizations: HR implications. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 27(1), 109–112.
  • Bealer, D., & Bhanugopan, R. (2014). Transactional and transformational leadership behavior of expatriate and national managers in the UAE: a cross-cultural comparative analysis. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 25(2), 293–316.


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