Find a current event on an environmental issue.

Current Event Assignment
For this assignment you will need to find a current event on an environmental issue. The issue can be local, state, national or global. You must 1) give a brief summary of the issue; 2) include your thoughts or comments on the issue; and 3) properly cite your source. Current events must be current – within the last few weeks of the assignment being due. Your submission should be approximately 350-500 words.
The current event must be from a valid news source. If you are unsure what that may include – ASK! Using the internet is perfectly acceptable. All major newspapers have internet sites as well as magazines such as Scientific America and National Geographic.
You must use APA or MLA citations. Here is a sample of what a citation would look like in MLA:
NASA. “2020 tied for warmest year on record, NASA analysis shows.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 15 January 2021.


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Find a current event on an environmental issue.
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