Financial planning

You own a bond with the following features: face value of $1000, coupon rate of 6% (semiannual compounding), and 15 years to maturity. The bond has a current price of $1,200. The bond is callable after nine years with the call price of $1100.

What is the yield to call if the bond is called at seven years (state as an APR)?Enter your answer to 2 decimal places. For example 5.27Please show the steps by using financial calculator, thanks!

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Financial planning
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You plan on retiring in 20 years. You currently have $275,000 and think you will need $1,000,000 to retire. Assuming that you don’t deposit any additional money into the account, what annual return will you need to earn to meet this goal? Show your work.

You want to invest in bonds. Examine whether or not each provision listed will make the bonds more or less desirable as an investment: call provision, convertible bond provision, subordinated debt. minimum 300 word essay..

  1. You own a portfolio that has $2,150 invested in Stock A and $3,050 invested in Stock B. If the expected returns on these stocks are 8 percent and 16 percent, respectively, what is the expected return on the portfolio?(Do not round your intermediate calculations.)11.31% 12.69% 12.00% 13.33% 12.95%

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