Financial investment

You are offered an investment with returns of $ 2,744 in year 1, $ 4,020 in year 2, and $ 3,083 in year 3 The investment will cost you $ 7,519 today  If the appropriate Cost of Capital is 97 %, what is the Net present Value of the investment?

You are 20 years old and plan to retire with $1,000,000 You have $22,500 available for investment now You deposit this into an account that pays 925% interest compounded annually?

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Financial investment
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How old will you be when the account has the target amount? (Answers are rounded)

You are a Tax Senior Manager in a CPA firm Your client Company P is interested in acquiring the business of Company T Briefly summarize the implications and advantages/disadvantages of acquiring Company T in a taxable asset acquisition or taxable purchase of T stock from T shareholders

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