Financial forecasting

What is the net profit margin id earning before interest and taxes is $20,000, net income is $10,000, sales are $50,000, and total assets are $100,000

What would be the future value of a loan of $1,000 for two years if the bank offered a 10% interest rate compounded semianually?

You receive $50,000 a year beginning one year from now for 20 years If your required rate of return is 10%, what is the present value?

Your subscription is about to expire You may renew it for $24 a year or instead you may get a lifetime subscription for a one time payment of $400 today Using the discount rate of 5% and payments are made at the begining of each year how many years does it take to make the lifetime subscription teh better deal

What should you pay for a share of a stock if its expected dividend growth rate is 25%, and the most recently paid divided was $350 per share? Assume that you require a 7% rate of return from capital market investments Please show work


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